Sonic Drive-In Pickle Juice Slush

Courtesy of Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Is Going To Sell Pickle Juice Slushies

March 16, 2018

Coming this Summer to a Sonic Drive-In near you ... the Pickle Juice Slush.

The plan is to roll out the briny slush to location nationwide in June.

Food & Wine got a chance to try the slush at Sonic's Oklahoma City headquarters.

"Sweet and tangy, the bright brine compensates for the over-savoriness you might have been worried about. You won’t understand why, but you’ll keep going back for more sips, likely until it’s all gone. Our only gripe is that the slush is a bit too sweet, as if overcorrecting for the acidity, but maybe this is what has to happen for America to acclimate to—and embrace—pickle-flavored soft drink. " Writer Maria Yagoda said in an article.

We have to see if this new pickle fad continues.