Stoned Driving


Remember: Driving Stoned Is A DUI Too

Be safe out there people.

December 28, 2017

Next week may mark the beginning of legalization in California but California traffic safety officials want you to remember that driving impaired applies to marijuana just like alcohol.

California traffic safety officials unveiled a multi-media campaign Wednesday aimed at preventing "stoned" driving that includes digital billboards stating, "Drive High/Get A DUI".

"No matter who you are, no matter what you call it -- weed, pot -- or how you consume it," Rhonda Craft, the director of the state Office of Traffic Safety,  told KPIX TV. "The message today is DUI doesn't just mean booze."

The Highway Patrol says that drivers under the influence of drugs or DUID cases are expected to increase once recreational marijuana use is legal in 2018.

How do you determine how much is too much?

"With a lot of these other things you don't know the concentration of cannabis and what you are taking in and you don't know the effect it has," Chief Brent Newman of the California Highway Patrol said. "So you are dealing with a lot of variables that are unknown."

Officers have undergone extensive new training in order to detect people who are impaired by marijuana.

Also, remember that the law says that smoking marijuana while driving or even riding as a passenger is illegal.

Be safe out there people.