Pogo Sticks


Pogo Sticks May Be Coming As E-Scooter Alternative To San Francisco

June 3, 2019

Swedish start-up Cangoroo has announced plans to deploy hundreds of pogo sticks as an alternative to e-scooters in San Francisco.

The Malmö, Sweden-based start-up is planning on initial launching in Malmö and Stockholm with San Francisco and London on the horizon.

"The on-going electric scooter hype has shown great success in establishing 'Mobility as a service' to the public and helped open up for alternative players such as Cangoroo. To not have to educate the consumer we see as an important competitive advantage as well as the global trend of alternative vehicles where the classic pogo stick is something a lot of people can relate to from their childhood," said CEO and founder Adam Mikkelsen in a statement.

The company has yet to set a launch date and according to statements made to KPIX-TV, they have yet to complete the SFMTA permit process.