McDonald's Triple Breakfast Stacks


McDonald’s To Launch New Triple Breakfast Stacks

October 24, 2018

McDonald’s is expanding their breakfast menu for the first time in 5 years with some super meaty items.

Dubbed the Triple Breakfast Stacks they are a series of breakfast sandwiches with two slices of American cheese between two sausage patties topped with Applewood smoked bacon and an egg. For the bun, you can choose between English muffin, biscuit, or McGriddles cakes. The item is inspired by hacks of McDonald's menu.

“People have been hacking our menu for years - so much so that it’s inspired our new Triple Breakfast Stacks,” said Manager of Culinary Innovation Chef Mike Haracz in a statement. “We love seeing the fun ways our customers and McDonald’s crew have been creating their own takes on our classics. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next – you never know what might end up on our menu.”

Look for them starting November 1st.