CBD Jelly Beans

(Spectrum Confections)

Jelly Belly Inventor Releasing New CBD-Infused Jelly Beans

March 18, 2019

David Klein who invented the iconic Jelly Belly in 1976 is back with a new venture - CBD-infused jelly beans. 

His latest endeavor called Spectrum Confections melds Klein's love of candy making with his desire to help people with cannabidiol.

Spectrum Confections offers up 38 different flavors of the CBD-infused jelly beans. Each bean is infused with 10mg of CBD and is sanded with dextrose to mask the CBD flavor inside. They also offer sugar-free and sour varieties.

Spectrum is in no way affiliated with Fairfield, CA's Jelly Belly. Klein sold his interest in the Jelly Belly name in 1980.

Get details on them at spectrumconfections.com.