AFURI Ramen + Dumpling

(AFURI Ramen + Dumpling)

Japan's AFURI Ramen + Dumpling Is Opening A Bay Area Location

April 10, 2019

Ramen is all the craze right now, with spots like Palo Alto's Ramen Nagi garnering lines from open to close.

Now Japan's AFURI Ramen + Dumpling has announced the planned opening of their first Bay Area location.

The restaurant is set to open in Summer 2019 in Cupertino at 20803 Stevens Creek Blvd #110.

Unlike many of the Ramen spots around the Bay that focus on pork-based tonkotsu ramen, AFURI Ramen + Dumpling specializes in yuzu shio ramen which uses chicken broth and yuzu, a small yellow citrus fruit native to Asia.