Famous La Taqueria May Move From Mission St. Location

October 22, 2018
Mission Burrito

Due to a family dispute, La Taqueria may have to move from their Mission Street location that they have occupied since 1973.

The dispute stems from the owner and founder Miguel Jara not having his name on the deed. The building was purchased in the names of his parents due to Miguel's lack of credit but after both died without leaving wills the ownership came in question.

A court ruling sided with Miguel's siblings awarding him 33% stake and now the building is on the market. 

“Miguel is going to bid to stay there, and if he doesn’t, he’ll move to another building and La Taqueria will continue to flourish in San Francisco,” Jim Quadra, Jara’s lawyer, told Eater.

La Taqueria has been consistently named as one of best burritos in the US and was awarded James Beard "American Classic" honor in 2017.