Clamdy Canes

Archie McPhee's

Company Offering Clam Flavored Candy Canes This Holiday Season

September 25, 2018

The holiday staple has been drastically re-imagined from the traditional mint including a clam flavored variety.

The novelty company Archie McPhee is selling the "Clamdy Canes" for $4.95 for a box of six.

Described on their website as:

From the personified clam on the package to the clam taste, you’ll wonder how Christmas existed without Clamdy Canes. They’re a candy clamity! We all celebrate holidays in our own way and if your holiday tastes like the sea, this is for you. Add a little sand for extra clam realness. If anyone complains, just tell them to clam up. Each candy cane is 5-1/4" tall with gray and white stripes. 

And if Clamdy Canes are not your flavor, they also have: 

Go to Archie McPhee to check them out and the other "strange and amazing things" that they make.