Applebee's Dollarita with Twizzlers


Applebee’s Brings Back The Strawberry Dollarita With Twizzler Straws

April 5, 2019

For the month of April Applebee's drink special is the return of the Strawberry Dollarita with Twizzlers as straws.

“Applebee’s is all about providing a fun, memorable experience with friends,” said Patrick Kirk in a press release, vice president of beverage innovation at Applebee’s. “Sippin’ on a STRAWBERRY DOLLARITA through a strawberry-flavored TWIZZLERS straw is just about the coolest and most exciting way to drink a margarita. No question about it.”

The $1 concoction is tequila, strawberry, and margarita mix that is served on the rocks and with a Twizzlers treat.