My TRUE Prince stories

April 22, 2016

So I guess I am finally coming to terms with the loss of another Great Entertainer. I was lucky to have a few personal interaction with Prince. When I think back about them they make me laugh. The first time really doesn't count I was promoting a club in Emeryville called Politix (The old Silks) I can't remember who it was that reached out to me, but it basically was a call like this "The Man is promoting a new album do you want to have his yellow BMW at your club? Ummmm! The next time was at The Sound Factory I get a call from one of Prince' guys his name was Trevor, he said the man was looking for a spot to do an After Party, but he wanted to take the whole gate. I ran it by the owner Brit Hahn and he said YEAH! So I'm talking to Prince' guy and he tells me if we set up the stage with a backline most likely he will also perform... WHAT! So I set everything up with a sound company. I also make a call to Michael Martin the old Program Director for WILD949. He also happens to be a Prince FANATIC. So all day he's playing Prince talking about the Official After Party...So that night we have about 2500 people inside going crazy. The Skylounge was all industry and VIPs plus it was access to the mainroom stage. Prince's tour bus arrives and he comes out with a little clear pimp cane along with a couple security that had these weird gold star trek earpieces for their radios. Myself and Benjamin Heldfond walk them in, we take him upstairs and he walks toward the Conga Room. Everyone is clapping all of the sudden Prince then hangs over the balcony and starts twirling his cane the room goes ape shit... we take him into the Skylounge and he can see all the people from the glass windows and they can see him. The roof is about to come off the place. He asks me is that equipment on the stage...I'm like um yes... so we walk around to the stairs that lead to the stage. He pops his head out and everyone see him. The crowd goes insane. I'm thinking oh shit he's going to perform! He turns to me and Ben and says he's not feeling the VIBE. I'm like what? He looks me in the eye and says I'm not feeling the vibe... I turn to his guy and ask him what does that mean? He tells me "The mans not feeling the VIBE he's not going to perform. I thinking OH CRAP there's going to be a riot. Prince goes back into the VIP and basically sits on the floor and just watches the girls dance (Nikki DeBartolo) was one of the girls dancing around I guess while Prince was doing that the Program Director Michael Martin was staring at him so Prince' security comes up to me and says Prince wants him out... I'm like wait you don't understand this guy is a big radio guy and promoted the hell out of this event. They talk back and forth into their gold ear pieces and say "Sorry the Man says he's burn holes through him with his eyes... he's got to go! DAMNNNN Sorry

I'm not finished I have two more good one... maybe tomorrow.