Billy Vidal & Digital Underground pt.2

March 22, 2016

Ok I had a little fun with my first blog...So I was talking about first encounter with Money B and Dj Fuze, so here's the follow up for ya. Ok so I told you guys about selling Money B & Dj Fuze my boys SP12 drum machine, well here's what happened afew months later. I'm djing at City Nights and the security comes up to me and says there are two guys outside that have some records for me, but they can't get in because they are out of dress code. So I put on a long record and run to the front door I see Dj Fuze and Money B and they have some vinly in their hands and hand it to me. I appologize and say sorry guys but security here are they say don't worry they just wanted to personaly hand me their new record. I say thanks and run back to the dj booth as I heading back I look down at the record it's DOOWUTCHYALIKE....I'm like WAIT these guys are in DIGITAL UNDERGROUND!!! Never judge a book by it's cover... Next time I will tell you about meeting 2Pac and Shock G.