Big Sur

Big Sur Stretch of Highway 1 To Re-Open

July 18, 2018

MONTEREY COUNTY (KCBS Radio) -- After more than a year of work, Caltrans will re-open a storm-ravaged stretch of Highway 1 in the Big Sure region on Wednesday.

Some rebuilt sections of the highway sit as much as 250 feet west of the original route. That's because engineers decided to build the new road on top of the massive landslide that buried Highway 1 in May 2017.

Caltrans credits a mild 2017-2018 winter season for allowing the work to be done sooner than expected. Original estimates said the road wouldn't re-open until later this year.

The opening ends a tough period for tourists, residents, and business owners. They had to contend with not only the landslide closure, but also the washout of the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge to the north. The twin washouts made 35 miles of Highway 1 virtually inaccessible to outsiders.

Caltrans plans an official re-opening ceremony for the road on Friday, but traffic is expected to be permitted on the new pavement at 10 am Wednesday.