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BART Rolls Out Mobile App

November 21, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS Radio) — BART rolled out its first official mobile app to help riders plan trips from start to finish.

The app includes timetables, real-time departures, fare information and delays and advisories. The Trip Planner feature lets riders map out their trip using different modes of transportation, including biking, walking and public transportation, incorporating information on 31 different transit systems.

“You put in the start address and the end address and it’ll tell you how to get there using BART and a lot of other modes of transportation," said BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost.  "The idea is mixing and matching all the different transportation options to get where you want to go."

Several third-party apps currently offer BART maps, trip planners and information about delays although Trost said the BART app offers more. 

The app also addresses a common complaint among BART riders — frequent messes and spills. Riders can use the “Report a Biohazard” feature to alert staff to any issues that require immediate attention.

There’s also an in-app link to BART Police for riders to report security issues, although users will have to download the separate “BART Watch” app for that.

Here’s a full list of the features:

  • Real-time departures, schedule timetables, and fare calculator
  • Station information, including information on secured bike parking and car parking
  • Escalator and elevator advisories
  • Real-time service disruption information on the Trip Planner
  • Step by step navigation with personalized preferences and saved favorite stations and trips
  • Ability to set favorites
  • Report a Biohazard feature
  • Spanish and Chinese translations

Riders cannot use the app to pay for parking or get notifications when lots are full. But the agency says that it is working to add parking for verified carpool spots and push notifications when service is disrupted on a specific line.

The agency says it will also roll out a BART to Airport app later this year.

The app is free and available now on both the Apple iOS store and the Google Play store.

Written by Jessica Yi.