Actress and UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador Anne Hathaway speaks at the commemoration event for International Women's Day at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on March 8, 2017. (Photo by Anthony Behar)

Anne Hathaway (Photo credit: Anthony Behar/Sipa USA)

Anne Hathaway Demands Justice For Slain Oakland Teenager Nia Wilson

July 27, 2018

The senseless fatal stabbing of BART passenger Nia Wilson in Oakland on Monday has drawn much national attention.

Outraged by the incident, Academy Award-winner Anne Hathaway spoke out on social media Thursday, calling the unprovoked knife attack against the teenager "unspeakable AND MUST NOT be met with silence." She shared a photo of the 18 year-old on her Instagram with the caption "White people - including me, including you - must take into the marrow of our privileged bones the truth that ALL black people fear for their lives DAILY in America."

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Potential trolls were cut off as Hathaway also shut down commenting to that specific Instagram post.

Oakland officials are currently investigating the murder to see if the accused, John Lee Cowell was motivated by hate. His family says Cowell has suffered from untreated mental illness.

In the wake of Wilson's death, the hashtag #SayHerName began trending throughout social media.