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Actor Joe Manganiello Plays D&D at Children's Hospital

January 9, 2019

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Actor Joe Manganiello stopped by a Pittsburgh children's hospital to lead patients in a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Actor and Mt. Lebanon, Pa. native Joe Manganiello, left, reads the Dungeons and Dragons character options to brother Nick Manganiello, top right, and UPMC Children's Hospital patient and first time D&D player Gabriel Bowers, 9, of Shaler, Pa., right, at U
(Photo credit: Jessie Wardarski/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via AP)

The 42-year-old "True Blood" actor, who is married to Sofia Vergara, stopped by UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh with his brother Nick Manganiello to lead a session of the roleplaying game. The Post-Gazette reports the actor assumed the rule of "Dungeon Master," leading the story of the game.

The tabletop game allows players to create their own unique characters and have them embark on adventures led by a storyteller and referee called the "Dungeon Master."

Hospital patient Yaheim Young, 15, of Penn Hills, Pa., left, Nick Manganiello, center, and his brother, Mt. Lebanon native and actor Joe Manganiello, right, count dice as they create their Dungeons and Dragons characters at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pit
(Photo credit: Jessie Wardarski/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via AP)

Manganiello says he regularly plays and hosts sessions of Dungeons and Dragons. He and his brother say they hope Tuesday's game will inspire others to learn the game.