Hospital Dresses Newborns Like 'Wizard of Oz' Characters

August 26, 2019

Lions and tigers and bears -- and babies!

Staffers at a Pittsburgh hospital dressed four newborns up like characters from "The Wizard of Oz," to celebrate the film's 80th anniversary on Sunday.

The Allegheny Health Network, which includes West Penn Hospital, sometimes dresses up its babies on holidays, Fox 8 reported Thursday. This time, they were celebrating the iconic 1939 movie.

West Penn Hospital posted a picture on Facebook of the unnamed babies in the nursery, dolled up like Dorothy Gale, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion. Each was laying on golden sheets, symbolizing the Yellow Brick Road.

"Our munchkins celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz," the caption read. "The movie may turn 80 on Sunday, but it remains a classic, and for our newborns and their families, there's no place like home! Tell us, which Wizard of Oz character is your favorite?"

The "Wizard of Oz" was released on Aug. 25, 1939, and remains one of Hollywood's most popular films.