Drake Jumps on a Jet Ski to Tease Another Drop


August 13, 2020

Drake has legit been “Nonstop” all year (see what we did there).

He’s gifted us a mixtape, hopped on a handful of other people’s tracks, showed us the interior of his opulent Canadian mansion, broke the record for most top 10 hits in the history of the Hot 100, and obviously we can’t forget that he said he’s been hard at work putting together a new album, which he still has yet to deliver.

So what’s up next on deck for Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham? Well, we’re not entirely sure. As most, if not all official announcements go, Drake took to social to share an 11-second video of himself riding a jet ski, accompanied by a simple straight to the point message, “TMRW MIDNIGHT.” Not gonna lie, the anticipation has gotten us into a bit of a tizzy, as midnight approaches we might be at full on spiral mode.

After dropping Dark Lane Demo Tapes in May, Drake said that an album was soon to follow. Soooo Aubrey, could this be it? All signs point to yes, and by all signs we mean our hopes and dreams. Who know’s though, it could be a potential new single? Maybe an entire album drop? Whatever the case may be, we’re keeping our eyes locked on ChampagnePapi’s IG page as we have only T-minus 12 hours left until the big reveal.

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