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Questlove Is Bringing a Vegan Cheesesteak to Philadelphia

Vegan or not, this thing is gonna be good

March 23, 2019

Questlove is the definition of a multi-threat. He’s the drummer for The Roots, a brilliant DJ, a permanent presence on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and, in a quieter way, a food entrepreneur. He started some food dabbling with catering company ?uest Loves Food catering, opened an NYC fried chicken spot and a couple years ago started throwing star-studded dinner parties at his apartment that Vogue called “culinary jam sessions.”

And today he announced his latest venture, landing as we speak in his hometown of Philadelphia: Questlove’s cheesesteak. In an Instagram post he announced that the sandwich would be hitting Philadelphia’s Citizen’s Bank Park as well as dozens of concert venuse.

Ok yall, this was a year in the making so keeping this a secret was SUPER DIFFICULT!! I’m launching Questlove’s Cheesesteak! As a non vegan/vegetarian i still fell in love with @impossiblefoods for several years and as a Philadelphian....well—-i gotta know #CheeseSteaks right? We developed (and perfected!) a recipe using Impossible™ plant-based meat that we hope will offer a delicious and sustainable alternative for all cheesesteak eaters. Even better news for sports fans who never have food catering to those who are vegan/vegetarian we are debuting this cheesesteak THIS Spring at Citizens Bank Park during ALL @Phillies home games AND CONCERTS at the ballpark and in 40 @livenation venues ACROSS THE COUNTRY, and more soon! #Philly #Nationwide #QuestlovesCheesesteak #QuestLovesFood #AmorosoRolls @questlovesfood

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“We are debuting this cheesesteak this spring at Citizens Bank Park during all Phillies home games and concerts at the ballpark and in 40 Live Nation venues across the country”

But In a move that will probably raise some eyebrows in the home of the cheesesteak, he developed the sandwich with Impossible Foods, one of the two major plant-based “meat” companies. That’s right, this cheesesteak is a cheese “steak.” The sorts of purists who insist on having Pat’s or Gino’s “wiz wit” should hold their fire though. Even if it needs quotation marks around it, Impossible “meat” is about as convincing as plant-based meats get. The company’s burgers have been popping up everywhere from high end restaurants to chains like Wahlburgers.

The ballpark will be a different sort of venue for Impossible though. But we think if anyone can make a vegan cheesesteak happen in Philadelphia, it might be Questlove.