A sign outside a Burger King restaurant

Justin Sullivan

Burger King Adds Mozzarella Sticks, French Toast Sandwiches and More

June 3, 2019

It’s looking to be an exciting summer at Burger King.

The fast-food chain has rolled out three new limited-time items to their nationwide menu and it’s a glorious time to be alive.

First up are golden crispy mozzarella sticks. The breaded and fried goodness comes in packs of four and to make sure they are worth every ounce of their 290 calories. We are not worthy!

Although the melted gooey deliciousness is pretty standard at international locations, this is the first time they will be widely available in the United States.

Once you’re done with the mozzarella appetizer, it’s time to move over to the main course.

Take hold breakfast fans because BK has unveiled not one, not two, but three kinds of French toast sandwiches.

sweet or savory breakfast? we solved the biggest morning question with a sandwich — introducing the new French Toast Sandwich.

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Depending on your mood, hungry diners can enjoy a sausage, egg and cheese, bacon, egg and cheese or ham, egg and cheese French toast sandwiches. Regardless of your meat preference, each comes with fluffy eggs and American cheese layered between two pieces of warm French toast. All your savory sweet prayers have been answered!

Now if you still haven’t satisfied that sweet tooth, save room for Burger King’s new 780 calorie Twix milkshake. Made with vanilla soft serve, Twix chocolate pieces, vanilla syrup and whipped topping this is the dessert we deserve and need.

And for you purists out there who prefer to keep your menu options classic, the burger chain has also added three new Whopper value meals.

we don’t need a clever caption. introducing flame-grilled Whopper meal deals for $4, $5 and $6.

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For four bucks you can get a Whopper Jr, small fries and small fountain drink. Five dollars gets you a classic Whopper, small fries and drink. And if you’ve got some extra coin, a Double Whopper, small fries and drink can be all yours for six dollars.

Regardless of the state of your summer body, right now Burger King is looking like a snack.